Sunday, August 31, 2008

See this pile of clay

Well - I am going to cover it in top soil as soon as I can get a wheelbarrow in there, and plant grass on it and some horse herbs and it will be my Parelli hill - since this middle paddock is going to be my play area.

I stood on top of it today and Maraschino came rushing over to join me up there. We stood up there for ages with me rubbing him.

Planted some flaxes around the septic tanks yesterday (hence the photo)... I want to get it to a point where I can remove the tape and the horses won't go in that area.

We didn't do much today - it was really windy so the boys had a day in the paddock, I brought them in about 3.30pm for a groom and then gave them their dinner.

This is Maraschino looking at the silly pony (his words) next door running around hoping for some food.

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cilla said...

a parelli play area! ooh grr i am so jealous! cant wait to see the beginnings and the progress.

cilla xxx