Friday, August 1, 2008

Enough sun for a small play today

When I got home Maraschino's neck cover (combo) was undone and flapping around so I went down (he didn't care much) and did it up and then they both followed me through the sodden track back to the yards. I opened the wash-bay and they both came in. I had the idea that I would wait for the mud to dry and brush it off as they say hosing removes the natural oils (mud fever) but it took sooooo long to dry so I hosed Garbo's legs. The scabs have all gone but they are a bit pink looking.

Anyway - tied both of them up and took their covers off so that they could relax in the sun on the concrete. Got a hay bag for them to share and they shared nicely which was good. I wiggled my finger at Garbo a couple of times when he looked like he was deciding to be dominant towards Maraschino. Maraschino was calm as a cucumber today - he let me brush him all over and wash some of the molasses off his face! (Yard toys).

Then I got the carrot stick out and make a pattern with the carrot string over the top of him, with the savvy string hanging on the far side, and then draping it back towards me over his mane, did this about 20 times before he turned and looked at it. Then we did some friendly again and some squeeze game for the first time (between me and the wash bay wall). We did a little bit of yo yo and 'back when I back' which he didn't understand entirely, but good progress.

Then I tied him back up to finish grooming Garbo and he licked and chewed for quite a while. So - needless to say - calm in the yards tonight. Yay.
I am keeping them in tomorrow because more rain is due and the paddocks are just so wet - so I may have to get Maraschino out a few times and have some play time.


Jen said...

Hey Vicki!

Sorry you are so soggy there! More sun is on the way...I'm sending it 'round to the southern hemisphere for you! :) Until it gets there, I'm sending warm, dry thoughts!


Vicki said...

Thanks Jen - much appreciated! :-) Looking forward to it.