Monday, October 31, 2011

Maraschino's turn - the tubby he is

Maraschino had a play last weekend too although the cows next door had escaped into the paper road so we were limited to the paddock.

Coco came in for a nosey too.
You probably can't see the cherokee bridle - and Garbo watching, and my cat darting across the paddock behind him.

He was very relaxed and after the grass reactions in autumn it was the first real non spooking, jumpy play we have had in a long time.
We were working on complete circles without asking a question and the same point every time - which is cute but not what I was wanting. He got one and a half laps without asking finally so we stopped there. (trot).

 Afterwards was dinner time for everyone.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spring at last

At last some summer weather today so off Garbo and I sent for a ride at Jools.
I have not ridden him for a month but he was really good. We did lots of transitions, a little Game Of Contact, and some freestyle.
This is him eating while I change from 45ft to Bridle.
 I started on the 45ft and then got on as there were no issues. We did follow the rail and corners mainly, walk and trot. And then I even added in some circles. I think we'll try Cloverleaf next time.
 Afterwards he got to nibble on willow all the way back to the float.
 Mine's the blue float not the white one.

 Then he just stayed close while I loaded up the saddle etc.... he's such a good boy.
Double bonus - he didn't poop in the float either way.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Play on the Paper Road

Took advantage of the fact there were no cows in the paddock (and paper road) and took G up for a walk - along our private road, then into the paper road and back down to the other side of our house.

When we replace the fence you can see we will add a gate - it will be alot quicker!!

 Garbo did some lovely trot circles and Garbo even kept his head low at the same time so he could snatch bites at the long g