Saturday, July 23, 2011

Filming and auditions

So I spent alot of last night thinking about my filming results. Basically I came to the conclusion that the three 10 minute assessments on film - didn't show our relationship as well as it could be, each one had some good parts and some parts I was not happy with.

So - I came up with a plan. I am going to take the obstacles to live at Waimarie for a while. That way I can go and practise and as soon as a fine day happens along, I can just take Garbo there without having to take 4 barrels and a pedestal and ball etc too.

So - in the meantime - here is a mishmash of the three sessions...

I know we can do all of the stuff.... it's just getting Garbo in the frame of mind, not rushing, and making a plan on paper first I think.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Level 3 Online Video again

My Humanality/Horsenality report says I am a perfectionist and can spend too much time trying to make everything perfect. YEP - that's me alright. It said Garbo doesn't appreciate that much!

We went to Waimarie to film again - I was able to drive the float in and park it in the arena which was fabulous.
They don't have any barrels there and I couldn't fit them in my car along with the pedastal, so I used some rubbish bins!

Good things in filming;

  1. Sideways was good, along rail and not....
  2. Float loading was fantabulous on 22ft and from 6ft from ramp
  3. He jumped a cavaletti, and walked over it as well
  4. he was confident apart from backing zone 5 up to a jump stand
  5. change of direction went well
  6. he circled quite well
  7. pedastal  - fab
Not so good;
  1. I forgot to do the 2nd half of the yo yo!!!!!!  Good Grief - I think it's because Garbo is so good at it I have to really concentrate on getting him out on the end of the line and I got a little carried away!
  2. I didn't really do a fantabulous squeeze - but we did float load 0 ultimate squeeze right?
  3. Didn't canter for a whole lap
  4. it was a bit disjointed and all over the show for some of the time
  5. I could have moved my feet and my carrot stick less
  6. the back up on 45ft was phase two not phase 1
ack... what do you think?????? 
Should I send it in???????

Monday, July 18, 2011

Road ride

I took Garbo to Waimarie because it was one of those rare winter days where the sun was shining and it was calm.

I did a bit of GOC practise, Flippa helped, we ride in Track 1 and 2 with Garbo on Track 1 and it kept him interested. By the end he was really playing with the bit instead of just opening his mouth.

Then we went for a hack as a reward, along the farm road internally, past dogs and houses, then onto the road, along the road (3 cars passed) and back in the other driveway entrance in a big circle.

Flippa and Garbo get on really well there is no squabbling on Garbo's behalf. Rare!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Today I dragged my hubby along to Jool's indoor arena and filmed my online and liberty for Level 3. I have yet to decide if it's ok to send, as the arena is quite small so once I added barrels and jumps and weave cones etc there was not alot of room to spread out for an LBI!

It peeeed down a couple of times and the chickens and roosters joined us, it was fun if nothing else.

I love this shot.... it's a still off the video.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Riding Flipper

I rode my friend's four year old Warmblood today. His name is Flipper and he's so sweet. He's LBI but not as opinionated as Garbo - as much as I love Garbo, it's lovely to ride a horse that doesn't have something to say every 5 seconds lol.

I even did some sitting trot and it was lovely. Something I have never been able to feel totally comfortable with on Garbo. We played with Game of Contact and it was great fun - really enjoyed myself. Michelle enjoyed seeing him being ridden because she hasn't really had the opportunity to before.

Loads of fun and great experience. I can't wait for our next ride.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Monday GOC ride

The weather held out today so off we loaded and headed off to Muriwai. Just Garbo again and left Maraschino at home. Top piccy is the float cam .... still living it!

We unloaded and saddled up - I was careful to doing everything as I should, in preparation for my course... then we had a little play - jumped over the cavaletti you see above left, a few times which Garbo seemed to enjoy.

Then I jumped on - at one end of the arena he did a little jump/buck on the spot - as he does sometimes, but it really felt like nothing to me so I didn't let it dent my confidence. I just carried on.

OK -so stage one of Game of Contact is Confidence. Here you can see we are getting confidence now - he's taking the contact and being confident about it. Stage Two is stretching - as you can see - he's started doing that really nicely too. My position is improving - I am sitting back when taking and giving the contact with a fluid rein (instead of leaning forward), bending my elbows and every now and again remembering my pelvis tuck.... still got to remember the tummy and ribs. Resting hands getting better too.

So Stage II you can go into trot - trot is a whole story of it's own....  first I'll tell you what I am doing below which is not correct....

The weight is in my stirrups during the rising trot, meaning my leg is lower moving back. I need to be able to rise up without putting extra weight in the stirrups, from my inside thighs up, and with the weight down towards my knees.

I am also leaning forward, my elbows have moved forward, they should be further back, and my pelvis ain't tiling up.... as you can see....

But there is some good...Garbo has a nice contact, there is almost a straight line from my elbows to is mouth, he has a nice expression on his face, his mouth is quiet, his back is starting to come up. Getting there. 
Slowly but surely.
Really loving this.

After all that Michelle let me play with her two warmbloods. It was great fun - they are both such sweeties. Good to get lots of different horse practise in - 6 weeks to go till Colorado.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The clicker and Maraschino

Maraschino was a little affected by the grass (they went into a new paddock two days ago) still today so I had a big play with him while the other two were out grazing. First I gave him a big brush and cleaned out his feet - they are in desperate need for a trim.

I got the clicker out - it was quite windy and I was interested to see how quickly he picked up that click means treat. He didn't take very long so quite quickly I added the behaviour that he should turn his head away rather than mug me for treats or nibble my hands, bag etc. He didn't take very long to figure out that as soon as he turned his head away he got a click, then a treat.

Off we went up towards the geese, ducks, chickens and yappy dogs that all belong to the neighbours.
I was really pleased he stayed focussed on me and the clicker which was great. I clicked when he stepped on the pedastal and at one stage while he had two front feet on the little yappy dogs appeared through the bushes, barking. Maraschino bless him kind of hunkered down with his back end - almost like when you accidentally get cold water on their tail, but he stayed on it which was cool. Once he was calm again I clicked and gave him a treat.

Then I made it a little harder, and asked him to step on to the pedastal from further away. He did, I clicked, then on about his 6th time he got all feet on it so he got the jackpot - all the rest of the grain in my bag and we called it a day.

In between all that - we went for a walk round the house - checked out the reflections in the windows (he's not very sure about seeing himself yet) and the flapping washing. It was also an exercise in taking Maraschino out of sight from Garbo too.

You can see here over the top of Maraschino back, Garbo and Coco. In sight here but on the pedastal and by the washing line Garbo couldn't see us. Surprisingly he was quite calm about it.

What did everyone else get up to this weekend? What was the weather like where you are?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Game of Contact practise

So these two photos are what I am aiming for - they were glimpses of what I have in mind - amongst other stuff.

I was really pleased with Garbo today because the Arenas were next to much commotion - big tall 8ft high flags and finish lines, big signs going up, cars and tractors everywhere.... you wouldn't know it looking at these.

Bronwyn came down too with Rose - a very cute horse.
Garbo thought so too.

I left Maraschino at home today - he was really good.