Thursday, July 21, 2011

Level 3 Online Video again

My Humanality/Horsenality report says I am a perfectionist and can spend too much time trying to make everything perfect. YEP - that's me alright. It said Garbo doesn't appreciate that much!

We went to Waimarie to film again - I was able to drive the float in and park it in the arena which was fabulous.
They don't have any barrels there and I couldn't fit them in my car along with the pedastal, so I used some rubbish bins!

Good things in filming;

  1. Sideways was good, along rail and not....
  2. Float loading was fantabulous on 22ft and from 6ft from ramp
  3. He jumped a cavaletti, and walked over it as well
  4. he was confident apart from backing zone 5 up to a jump stand
  5. change of direction went well
  6. he circled quite well
  7. pedastal  - fab
Not so good;
  1. I forgot to do the 2nd half of the yo yo!!!!!!  Good Grief - I think it's because Garbo is so good at it I have to really concentrate on getting him out on the end of the line and I got a little carried away!
  2. I didn't really do a fantabulous squeeze - but we did float load 0 ultimate squeeze right?
  3. Didn't canter for a whole lap
  4. it was a bit disjointed and all over the show for some of the time
  5. I could have moved my feet and my carrot stick less
  6. the back up on 45ft was phase two not phase 1
ack... what do you think?????? 
Should I send it in???????


Marion Princic said...

oh i know exactly what you are talking about! being a lbi myself i tend to wanna have everything perfect as well. just send it and see what they say or film it once more and send the one that´s best. good luck anyway!

Cilla said...

No video that I could see Vicki.
c x

Vicki said...

I din't post it heehee - here it is

Malgosia i Mentos said...

Helo Vicki,

i'm new here, didn/t manage to read all your posts, but really enjoyed the last pieces you wrote :)

mhh, cant see the video, but I would send it - it's better to re-submit one or two tasks, than keep on recording the same things - your LBI will get soooo bored....

Cilla said...

Good video Vicki. I think if you feel there were some things missing then re film it. Not an easy decision as I too would want 'perfect' whatever that is lol but feedback is always good. I could say more energy would be nice to see but this is Garbo and he is a wonderful LBI. X

Vicki said...

heeheee Cilla - thanks for the comment on You tube too. I thought about it all night - we can do better - we have done better, you know if I took bits from all three filmings it WOULD be perfect - so think I'll have to re-film, yeah more energy LBI lol