Monday, July 11, 2011

Riding Flipper

I rode my friend's four year old Warmblood today. His name is Flipper and he's so sweet. He's LBI but not as opinionated as Garbo - as much as I love Garbo, it's lovely to ride a horse that doesn't have something to say every 5 seconds lol.

I even did some sitting trot and it was lovely. Something I have never been able to feel totally comfortable with on Garbo. We played with Game of Contact and it was great fun - really enjoyed myself. Michelle enjoyed seeing him being ridden because she hasn't really had the opportunity to before.

Loads of fun and great experience. I can't wait for our next ride.


Isabelle Greenfield said...

Hi Vicki,
Fancy meeting you here! Just thought I'd drop in. Isn't it nice to know someone is reading your blog!

Vicki said...

very nice ! :-)

Cilla said...

He's cute. I can feel your confidence and happiness leaping from the screen. Good job!

Vicki said...

Yeah, it was great, he is cute hey, has a Lizzie face don't you think?