Monday, January 9, 2012

ok - so it's been a while

I dunno- with Facebook and Parelli Connect it seems the old fashioned blog is being made redundant!
me and Garbo chillin at home
So I have been out and about a little.... the weather has been pretty wet this last month....

Today I went to the beach sans Garbo. I had some friends from Tahiti here in NZ who had a 13 year old horse mad daughter and at a BBQ at our place she spent 90% of the time with the horses in the paddock. She speaks only a little English but we got on well and I gave her some Parelli mags to take back to their apartment while she was here.

So I organized a Horse ride with her and my other mutual friend and her son....4 of us so easier to book in at a riding place that does it all the time.... along the beach and in the forest.

Sadly my friend fell off and landed on a Toi Toi bush....sprained her ankle and ripped her fingernail, about 3/4 of the way round. But before that (I had a standardbred - which here is the name for a trotter/pacer) we had some great trots and canters.... one especially that I loved heading towards the beach. I got slapped in the smile with a too too though!

The other day I went to Waimarie with Maraschino and Garbo - first time I have taken both of them out for quite a while.... but Maraschino loaded like a dream...and he just had a ball.

Michelle worked him while I rode her Warmblood Flippa, and then I ponied Maraschino from Flippa, did follow the rail and he soon got the hang of it. (Flippa is the same age).

Then after that I got Garbo and Flippa and Maraschino were able to groom each other - first time in a while Maraschino has had a large horse groom him - Coco can only ever reach his shoulder!

So they hung out in the pen while I rode Garbo and Michelle rode Tama... Tama is her newest started baby.... he's 3 I think.... anyway he was so good and showed foal behavior with Garbo so Garbo liked him. We then after a bit in the arena went for a ride around the property and through the vineyards. Lovely.

 This is Tama when he was a baby
it was good for Garbo to have some separation training from Mr M

Mr M learning to pony and follow the rail

Flippa and Mr M

Tama now.....with Mr M.