Friday, January 3, 2014

Another trip to the track

Wow what a gorgeous day it was today. I headed out early before it got too hot - taking advantage of the fine days and the holidays!

We arrived by 9am and were ready to ride by 9.30am. Michelle was there with Flipper and she suggested she pony Maraschino while I rode Garbo around the track.

The track has a great surface on it so it's super for tender feet (they were just trimmed yesterday) and with Garbo collecting abbesses this year - it's a great way to get his fitness up again now they seem to all have finally burst out.

So we spent most of the time walking and trotting. On the first lap Garbo charged out ahead and he went into trot without me asking him so I applied what Linda said at the Clinic in November (which isn't always easy for me) and encouraged him forward. He soon came back to walk :-)

During a trot lap where Flipper and Maraschino were ahead of us, Garbo went into canter and I just allowed it and while I didn't go so far as encouraging it, I didn't do my normal panic and think he was going to run off. Michelle looked around at one point and said "oh you're cantering"! YES.

It actually felt really good.
We cantered a few more times too. His squeaky belly relaxed after about 3 laps.

Tori helped me decide on my new mantra.
Garbo is not the same horse anymore, you can trust him, he won't hurt you. 
I love it.