Sunday, October 21, 2007

Level 2 Clinic

Well I have decided after attending my 5th clinic that I am not a clinic kind of person!

I really don't get much out of them and like to ask my own questions without it being a 'group' question. Maybe I am introverted I dunno - but I don't imagine I will attend another.

Don't get me wrong the Parelli clinic was great, Jackie Chant was a good instructor but I feel it's down time learning stuff that I had already done myself at home. Also it was 50/50 ground/riding and I didn't feel I was ready to do that much/that level of riding since I had not really started the Level 2 riding as yet.

Anyway - Garbo was a little on edge when the whole 8 horses went into a big paddock (really windy weekend) with their humans to 'play'. For a horse that at home I have trouble getting much energy out of on the circle he was circling me on the end of the 22ft line at canter every time another horse looked like he was coming near us.

Jackie used Garbo in a couple of demos and everyone was impressed with his draw and his bring back - I have always had more trouble getting him to go away from me.

So - Jackie worked on some dominance issues with him, and we worked on them too - ie not crowding me on the bring back.

Jackie had him going sideways along a fence at trot which I was quite impressed with - didn't know Garbo had it in him to be honest!

My one criticism of Jackie would be that she 'does' alot herself, with your horse, and is not that good at telling you what to do 'while' you are doing it. She's more of a 'watch me and I'll show you' person - which I find is not the best way of learning for me personally. I have to be able to 'do' it for myself - more than once, for it to stick.

But - I picked up some good tips and met some other people doing Parelli which was a nice change. Everyone was pretty friendly.

This piccy is of Garbo in his yard at the clinic checking things out at lunch time.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sleep over

I left Garbo at the clinic - in this really steep paddock. He had a friend which was great.

This is him having dinner while the other horse waits patiently for left overs.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heading home

This is a quick video from yesterdays threshold work.

Moving away from pressure

Since starting Parelli Garbo has stood on his rope loads of times. Initially he would over-react as if I had done it to him - now he figures out the pressure and what to do... check it out...


We dealt with thresholds for Garbo today - recognising when he becomes unconfident and then retreating a little and going back again - a bit further. It was only the drive way but he doesn't have a lot of confidence down there so we just took it slow and had lots of grass stops along the way - a few circles. We stopped and chatted to the other horses along the way and played with some obstacles along the way too.

It was lots of fun.

Today also for the first time the 22ft line felt too short! Didn't think I would ever say that....

He is still a little lame on the right circle initially if lacking impulsion..... and reluctant on the left circle (quicly changes directions as soon as I look away)... really looking forward to the clinic next weekend.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Passed Level 1

Great news - just found out I passed Level 1 - yay!!!

Sent my DVD in to Jackie about a week ago and she emailed me last night - yay! She said a good effort and a pass, some things need a little tweaking but I am going to her clinic at Labour Weekend - double yay.
2nd good news....
Played with Garbo today in the paddock not the arena - Rachel said he was a bit tight in his back end left muscles and to canter him lots. Well she was talking about riding and I am not up to that yet so I decided to get a paddock with a slope and start some hill therapy. She was saying I needed to take him to the track but that's a bit scary for me at the moment - little steps!

I had my 22ft line and we started with yo yo - then circle - and got him up to canter - it was actually easy - he did it on the downhill because it was easier so I just asked him to stay in canter. Did both sides quite well and started travelling so he could canter more straight lines too.

Then - I took the rope off - this paddock is big - probably 5 arenas big. I did yo yo first and then asked for a circle and he trotted round me - as he was heading down hill (towards the open paddock area rather than towards the fence/gate) I thought - this is where he'll just keep going and not circle if he decides to.... BUT he didn't he circled me and then came in! We did it again and he did it again - both ways.... I was so proud my pony! Gave him lots of hugs.

So then I started driving from zone three and doing the stay with trot (to each patch of grass) turning both left and right.... (no rope still).... and he followed me and mirrored my gait (not canter though - have not tried that yet)......

He wandered off once and I zig zagged towards him - really just to re-attach the rope thing to myself - test it at liberty, fix it online, when he turned towards me ears forward so I made the noise Linda tells you to make for going in the saddle in L1 and came trotting over to me!!

I trotted him over to a scary part of the paddock and he wandered away from it after checking it out, so I thought - oh well good time to go and get the rope and take him in..... so started walking back towards the line over the other side of the paddock.... and when he saw I had got like 50ft away he came trotting up to me and walked beside me the rest of the way.

WOW.... so cool

Still worried about this lump on his head though... vet coming Tuesday.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Waiting for the rain to stop

Just squeezed in a ride before the rain - well in between showers actually on Sunday.

Garbo waiting patiently

Today it's been hail, thunder, lightening!

October already

We are officially into month 4 of Parelli.

We have been having our challenges and also making progress.... (with Level 2).

Garbo appears to lack confidence out on the circle at trot and canter (but not so at walk). Also I can get him to do sideways - with and without a fence, from close but get further away and he takes no notice what so ever.

I have been working on strengthening my Sends for the circle, Jackie suggested just practising sends and come backs, and let the circle sort itself out in time.

Done quite a bit more driving from Zone 3 to build his confidence. Even did some at walk trot and canter at liberty in the square pen which was pretty cool.

Riding wise - have not done alot more since the filming but getting more confident. Happy to go in and out of the arena with the rope halter and one rope - went down the race a couple of times as well - it was most relaxing - the kids were away and no one else was at the farm and the sun was shining!! Couldn't ask for much more really.

I have signed up for the Labour Weekend Level 2 clinic plus have a private lesson on the Tuesday. Cool!