Monday, October 1, 2007

October already

We are officially into month 4 of Parelli.

We have been having our challenges and also making progress.... (with Level 2).

Garbo appears to lack confidence out on the circle at trot and canter (but not so at walk). Also I can get him to do sideways - with and without a fence, from close but get further away and he takes no notice what so ever.

I have been working on strengthening my Sends for the circle, Jackie suggested just practising sends and come backs, and let the circle sort itself out in time.

Done quite a bit more driving from Zone 3 to build his confidence. Even did some at walk trot and canter at liberty in the square pen which was pretty cool.

Riding wise - have not done alot more since the filming but getting more confident. Happy to go in and out of the arena with the rope halter and one rope - went down the race a couple of times as well - it was most relaxing - the kids were away and no one else was at the farm and the sun was shining!! Couldn't ask for much more really.

I have signed up for the Labour Weekend Level 2 clinic plus have a private lesson on the Tuesday. Cool!

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