Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lesson with Tori

Luckily I dodged the rain today for my two lessons with Tori at Crescent.

I started out talking about my goals for 2014. Level 4!
I just talked out loud really and what came out was that I didn't think garbo was the horse to be able to bridles riding on. Tori disagreed. Sure he has his own opinion - but she said she saw no reason why he can't do it.

So - we started doing some. I used my carrot stick savvy string as a neck strap but it was a bit short which meant I had to lean forward. So I'm going to check my other savvy string which is hopefully longer. So I had to walk and trot and only use my body and the neck strap to turn, and stop.

Well - it wasn't perfect but I learnt something very important. My focus is not strong enough. Garbo actually is very responsive to what I do - and what I don't do. As soon as I had a really strong focus we got a circle on trot. And it felt amazing..

Tori had a big talk to be about how I can now trust Garbo  he's a different horse now, he's not the same horse anymore - and he won't hurt me. So my mantra for this year has just been formulated.

We then did a little Game of Contact and I was so happy that Garbo is feeling better again. Those abscesses were a real pain - it's been going on since October. Felt good to have my horse back that's for sure.

Then came Maraschino's turn. Same thing - focus and a little bit of leadership on direction but avoiding a brace. We also worked alot on mounting, on both sides, until he stood still, then until he didn't put his head up. Worked a treat.