Saturday, May 31, 2008

Squeeze, Yo Yo and Friendly

Garbo; Used these cool barrels that Michelle gave us for a house warming prezzie, to practise our yo yo through the barrels. This is how narrow we got today - and I had Garbo taking one step back, one step forward, etc rather than rushing through.

Then we played friendly with the tarp! After this photo was taken I was rustling it on his back with rhythm. He was a bit introverted but I kept on till he relaxed.

This fleece cover just really doesn't do much for Garbo's grass tummy!!

All good for today.

Maraschino; after last night playing approach and retreat alot with his pyjamas I managed to take his cover off this morning without haltering him - that's a first.

Then I put his bucket in his yard tonight for dinner and he came straight through the gate (yay) at liberty.

Then I left the gate open and let him investigate the rest of the yard after he had finished (shut the other two gates so the boys didn't interfere.

Then I let the other two out and Maraschino didn't panic and just cruised out a bit later, and then he wandered into the wash bay so I gave him a treat and haltered him (haltering him can be a challenge sometimes) and put his cover on and he was the best he's been. I gave him another treat and took his halter off again and he just hung out with us in the wash bay. So cute.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

2nd ride at home

With being so busy at work and at home trying to catch up - and also with winter encroaching and less daylight hours every day - I have only ridden Garbo once at home. So today was such a lovely day I could not let it go by without another ride.

I did some games on the ground first, some stick to me and driving from Zone 3, then circle and change of gait and change of direction - at trot. Did a little canter too so Scribble wouldn't get excited again this time when we trotted off. (Last time I think he thought we were trotting off into the sunset - without him - and he did a huge buck and jump which gave Garbo a fright.

Then I got on and George let us into the house paddock and Garbo didn't really see the point of going round the outside of the paddock so we played your idea my idea (tit for tat) for a bit until he just said - alright we'll go your way.

Had a little trot a few times too - and then I got off - Scribble happily munching away without a worry.

Wonder if my neighbour was having a nosey out the window at us riding in Wellies and rope halter and lead rope.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maraschino and carrot stick

I had a little play with Maraschino in the weekend. It was a lovely day. We had just taken his cover off (still a bit wary of that scary blue thing until it's on and then he goes 'phew' - chew lick).

I really liked these two pictures.

I find he is quite introverted - displaying frustration by stamping his back foot. Quite cute really.

He loves chewing on the rubber of the carrot stick too.

We did a little head down, some porcupine and some friendly. Zone 3 was a bit scary for him with the carrot stick but didn't take long to relax.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're back!!

The concrete in our new wash bay/tie up area is dry so I bought Garbo in for a groom. He had his ears back alot - after about 5 weeks off!!! so I got my carrot stick and 22ft line and took him out onto the grass for a few games. we did some yo yo and circle and changes of direction and driving from Zone 3. He was really good and had a much better expression once we returned to the wash bay. 

I have a bit of stuff to do still round the farm like poo picking, and preparing the yards for winter, but I hope to still do something with Garbo each day and also start with Maraschino.