Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trip out

I had planned to take Garbo to Jool's place to ride today, then she suggested she could trim his feet while we were there, so I suggested I bring them both!

Garbo loaded while George was leading him to the float!! So then I loaded Maraschino and it was all done in 30 seconds! Off we went. I have my Horsecam/Floatcam now which is really awesome.

There were lots of new things to see for Maraschino - chickens, roosters, little dogs, teepees! Horses that look like Coco!

I put them in the pens while I unpacked my saddle and saddled up Garbo - then I led them both into the round pen to begin with. Part of it has a willow tree overhanging and it only took Garbo a few times round the edge to teach me to stop under the willow and pick him some branches off (they were too high for him).. lol.

Then I led them both into the large arena after I was happy Garbo was calm enough - having not ridden him for a bit.

I let Maraschino loose and just rode Garbo in with him - they were both great. We didn't do much more than trot and follow the rail, some transitions. It was enough - and we were there for ages. It was sooooo hot and steamy in there. I played a bit with Maraschino too online.

Then the boys got their feet trimmed one at a time in the indoor arena which was a bit cooler, but the flies were driving them both crazy. We don't have that many up at ours. Wonder if it's because I pick up the poos.

Jools and I did some work with Maraschino in between trimming.

Five hours later I headed home!

Friday, December 10, 2010


I had a quick play on Sunday I think it was with Garbo in the round pen. OMG he goes out to the edge now in circle, at liberty, and goes over the poles!

Initially I worked on first three games for a change at Liberty otherwise he just goes off and does a circle lol – and then he offered circle at trot 30ft away over poles and little jump.

Garbo's list of things to do are very hard.....on Parelli Connect...
  • With Garbo, (On Line) I can play touch it from Zone 5 on a 45-foot Line using only Phase
  • With Garbo, (On Line) I can Figure 8 my horse on a 45-foot Line at the canter with flying lead changes.
  • With Garbo, (Freestyle) I can saddle my horse at liberty like a hug, with no negative reactions.
  • With Garbo, (Liberty) I can do a Figure-8 at Liberty at a canter with a flying lead change in a large arena or round corral.
  • With Garbo, (Liberty) My horse can do a Weave Pattern through cones at the trot and canter with me at least 20’ away.
  • With Garbo, (Finesse) My horse has a strong topline and a high neck.
  • With Garbo, (Finesse) My horse has most of his weight on the hindquarters when riding Finesse.
  • With Garbo, (On Line) I can Figure 8 my horse using 2 reins and driving in Zone 5 at the canter with simple changes.
But it got me thinking about Finesse. SO I decided to put the bridle on with my Parelli reins - first time in 2 years. Not sure why...just decided to.

He was great being bridled... and off we went for a ride around the front lawn and up a bank to the gate where he looked out as if to say "C'mon" - I had left Maraschino in the yard and he was calling out - I normally have him loose when I take Garbo away so we headed back.

He was chewing on the bit quite alot but there was no pulling (from either of us) and I was concentrating on my finesse position. We only walked but it was alongside our house and I could see he looked nice and relaxed and in what you would call a nice beginners dressage position. Yay.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Next on my Parelli Connect list was....

Sorry for all the posts in one day - I have two weeks to blog in one go!!
I hate it when people do that normally - so sorry!!! Sorry!!

Maraschino - play friendly game with the carrot stick and string hitting the ground hard and helicopter above your head.


Off we went, while the other two were in the yards. First day very jumpy and afraid. 2nd day better, third day brilliant. He was eating grass by the third day.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Parelli Connect

Did I mention I love the Parelli Connect site.?
I like it because you can compartmentalise everything - record your savvy hours on each horse, and then on each savvy, and it gives you TO DO LISTS!!!!!! Omg. So cool.

It got me out there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday haltering Coco every day and using the savvy string to lead him, and do some stuff online with him.

We did a little bit of yo yo on the first day. On the 2nd day I did porcupine game, and on the 3rd day I used the 12ft line and had a go at touching him all over with the carrot stick.

Well guess what?

He hated it - no surprise there, would jump as soon as the stick touched his foot, his leg, if it touched his back he would run around in circles.... so we didn't get far - so I thought....

After a while of him just relaxing again and eating grass, I unhaltered him in the wash bay, played with Maraschino, came back - Coco was still there. So then I touched him with the carrot stick and he stood still and didn't mind!!!! Go figure!