Friday, December 10, 2010


I had a quick play on Sunday I think it was with Garbo in the round pen. OMG he goes out to the edge now in circle, at liberty, and goes over the poles!

Initially I worked on first three games for a change at Liberty otherwise he just goes off and does a circle lol – and then he offered circle at trot 30ft away over poles and little jump.

Garbo's list of things to do are very hard.....on Parelli Connect...
  • With Garbo, (On Line) I can play touch it from Zone 5 on a 45-foot Line using only Phase
  • With Garbo, (On Line) I can Figure 8 my horse on a 45-foot Line at the canter with flying lead changes.
  • With Garbo, (Freestyle) I can saddle my horse at liberty like a hug, with no negative reactions.
  • With Garbo, (Liberty) I can do a Figure-8 at Liberty at a canter with a flying lead change in a large arena or round corral.
  • With Garbo, (Liberty) My horse can do a Weave Pattern through cones at the trot and canter with me at least 20’ away.
  • With Garbo, (Finesse) My horse has a strong topline and a high neck.
  • With Garbo, (Finesse) My horse has most of his weight on the hindquarters when riding Finesse.
  • With Garbo, (On Line) I can Figure 8 my horse using 2 reins and driving in Zone 5 at the canter with simple changes.
But it got me thinking about Finesse. SO I decided to put the bridle on with my Parelli reins - first time in 2 years. Not sure why...just decided to.

He was great being bridled... and off we went for a ride around the front lawn and up a bank to the gate where he looked out as if to say "C'mon" - I had left Maraschino in the yard and he was calling out - I normally have him loose when I take Garbo away so we headed back.

He was chewing on the bit quite alot but there was no pulling (from either of us) and I was concentrating on my finesse position. We only walked but it was alongside our house and I could see he looked nice and relaxed and in what you would call a nice beginners dressage position. Yay.


Twinnie said...

great progress! sounds like you are having fun with Parelli connect. those list things are hard - sounds like L4!!!????

Parelli Central said...

Sounds like wonderful progress. Like the picture!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central