Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 9 Level 4+ Riding

2nd to last day and so far there's been so many highlights but today really was one of them. The morning started with a recap of yesterday then we went up to Linda's barn to watch her and her team ride.

Linda explained what she was doing in relation to what we'd learned and it really helped cement everything together for me. She added another layer on the box concept plus demonstrated sitting trot. Using our throw up muscles. Lol. I must ask Colleen my Pilates instructor what that muscle is called.

It was so cool having her to ourselves for a couple of hours. She answered our questions and Highland came to visit too. This is the canter position I'm channeling. :-)

In the afternoon we got to put all we've learned into feeling. It was a great afternoon. I even tried the sitting trot. So cool. I have so much to take home to my boys.

Last day tomorrow then a 23 hour journey home. Looking forward to seeing my boys though, and George. :-)

Location:Pagosa Colorado

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cantered up this hill.

I cantered up this hill!!

Rachel bought the pro dressage saddle for me to try and give feedback on. Oh I liked it. Made me feel very secure and helped my legs stay still. Dixie seemed more able to read my seat too. I'm working on getting my wrists softer, resting hands, and keeping my heels down and and and...

Day 7 Level 4+ riding skills.

Eeeek. Only three days left. I think it's ok though. My brain will be too full with much more info. Time to go home and practise after this.
This morning we rode in the Big Top and worked on sideways, backwards, then canter transitions.

We concentrated on miles per hour. Ie walk 8 miles per hour, then 9, then trot at 10,11,12,13,14 - then back to 10 etc.
That way when you ask for canter you're not rushing them into it.
Ours was rather messy, but we had a couple of nice moments.
Then we tried walk to canter. I'd never done that before. But we did it today!! So pleased.

After our ride before lunch Ryan did a demo with an LBI. Na'vi. It was so cool to see him get into her mind without tagging the ground or being a crazy person.

After lunch we did 'box' simulations. We're building a box around the horse and the horse stays within.

Then we went out to practise everything again.

Location:Parelli Ranch Colorado.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last weekend in Pagosa

After feeding Dixie and cleaning out her pen I got coffee and a smoothie from my newly found cool little shop called Old Towne Market which is like a really nice mini wholefoods with organic smoothies.

Then I ventured out to Tractor Supplies on Highway 84 without a gps. Found it and got Dixie some more fly spray and a tail comb and tried to ignore the Ariat Boots. 😁

Got back to my apartment and walked along to the Eastside Market which had organic produce and a nice stall with bracelets. I got a lovely leather and turquoise bracelet for $22.

I baked some more zucchini bread for the week and then at 4 went back up to feed Dixie and take her for a graze. Kari was having a photo shoot with her h rose Handsome, and Coco, so I went along too as the support horse for Handsome since he doesn't love being in his own. That way we got to graze and take out own photos with the same beautiful backdrops.

Dixie looks a little worried here but she saw something or heard something in the trees and went a bit introverted. 20s later she was eating again.

The highest peak there is Pagosa Peak.

Then Kari and I went out for a very yummy dinner at Alley House. The waiter was a bit weird but the food was very yummy.

Location:Pagosa St,Pagosa Springs,United States

Day 6 Level 4+ Riding skills.

We started with theory - Supple Rein. I've seen Linda's video of this and tried it on Maraschino at home but not enough for it to be concrete. After today's theory session and then riding it for close to an hour, I really get it now. Totally!

It helps the horse become supple laterally.

Notes to remember;
A lazy figure eight pattern
Don't change diagonal on the change of direction.
A little flexion on a big pattern and bigger flexion in a smaller pattern.
Your hand is on the line with one rein.
Engage elbow
If rein touches neck - lift up not across, use elbow
Keep hand down unless you need to correct
Keep hand in line with hip not belly button
Horses job to take neck away from rein
Hold it and let the horse give to himself.

We're working towards moving through the stages of responses from
1. Fight, flight, ignore
2. And discomfort
3. Seeking comfort
4. Try as a partner

Reward mental effort.

My big takeaway for the day however was to keep my outside leg back on turns. My seat bone had been digging into my saddle on turns and it fixed it!!!!
Makes turns so much more pleasurable. !!

Then we did leg yield. I got confused about the direction of flexion compared to the direction were travelling until Ryan explained that we are yielding the horse from our left leg (going right) on left yield. Makes perfect sense now.

Then we went to Linda's barn. She was supposed to be doing a demo for us but suddenly needed to be elsewhere for the new savvy club launch. So she came out to say hi and Ryan did a demo with Zen and with Highland online. Both were awesome. It was cool to see Linda's arena after watching many videos filmed there!

Remmer even came to say hi.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Location:Parelli Ranch Colorado.