Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 7 Level 4+ riding skills.

Eeeek. Only three days left. I think it's ok though. My brain will be too full with much more info. Time to go home and practise after this.
This morning we rode in the Big Top and worked on sideways, backwards, then canter transitions.

We concentrated on miles per hour. Ie walk 8 miles per hour, then 9, then trot at 10,11,12,13,14 - then back to 10 etc.
That way when you ask for canter you're not rushing them into it.
Ours was rather messy, but we had a couple of nice moments.
Then we tried walk to canter. I'd never done that before. But we did it today!! So pleased.

After our ride before lunch Ryan did a demo with an LBI. Na'vi. It was so cool to see him get into her mind without tagging the ground or being a crazy person.

After lunch we did 'box' simulations. We're building a box around the horse and the horse stays within.

Then we went out to practise everything again.

Location:Parelli Ranch Colorado.

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