Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last weekend in Pagosa

After feeding Dixie and cleaning out her pen I got coffee and a smoothie from my newly found cool little shop called Old Towne Market which is like a really nice mini wholefoods with organic smoothies.

Then I ventured out to Tractor Supplies on Highway 84 without a gps. Found it and got Dixie some more fly spray and a tail comb and tried to ignore the Ariat Boots. 😁

Got back to my apartment and walked along to the Eastside Market which had organic produce and a nice stall with bracelets. I got a lovely leather and turquoise bracelet for $22.

I baked some more zucchini bread for the week and then at 4 went back up to feed Dixie and take her for a graze. Kari was having a photo shoot with her h rose Handsome, and Coco, so I went along too as the support horse for Handsome since he doesn't love being in his own. That way we got to graze and take out own photos with the same beautiful backdrops.

Dixie looks a little worried here but she saw something or heard something in the trees and went a bit introverted. 20s later she was eating again.

The highest peak there is Pagosa Peak.

Then Kari and I went out for a very yummy dinner at Alley House. The waiter was a bit weird but the food was very yummy.

Location:Pagosa St,Pagosa Springs,United States

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