Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 9 Level 4+ Riding

2nd to last day and so far there's been so many highlights but today really was one of them. The morning started with a recap of yesterday then we went up to Linda's barn to watch her and her team ride.

Linda explained what she was doing in relation to what we'd learned and it really helped cement everything together for me. She added another layer on the box concept plus demonstrated sitting trot. Using our throw up muscles. Lol. I must ask Colleen my Pilates instructor what that muscle is called.

It was so cool having her to ourselves for a couple of hours. She answered our questions and Highland came to visit too. This is the canter position I'm channeling. :-)

In the afternoon we got to put all we've learned into feeling. It was a great afternoon. I even tried the sitting trot. So cool. I have so much to take home to my boys.

Last day tomorrow then a 23 hour journey home. Looking forward to seeing my boys though, and George. :-)

Location:Pagosa Colorado

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