Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Parelli Connect

Did I mention I love the Parelli Connect site.?
I like it because you can compartmentalise everything - record your savvy hours on each horse, and then on each savvy, and it gives you TO DO LISTS!!!!!! Omg. So cool.

It got me out there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday haltering Coco every day and using the savvy string to lead him, and do some stuff online with him.

We did a little bit of yo yo on the first day. On the 2nd day I did porcupine game, and on the 3rd day I used the 12ft line and had a go at touching him all over with the carrot stick.

Well guess what?

He hated it - no surprise there, would jump as soon as the stick touched his foot, his leg, if it touched his back he would run around in circles.... so we didn't get far - so I thought....

After a while of him just relaxing again and eating grass, I unhaltered him in the wash bay, played with Maraschino, came back - Coco was still there. So then I touched him with the carrot stick and he stood still and didn't mind!!!! Go figure!

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