Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golden Horse Show

We had an early start and planned to start loading at 7.30am, to get to the show for the 9.30am start.
We started loading about 7.45 and both boys were on and we were off by 8am. They travelled really well - it was awesome being able to see them on my new float cam - that my hubby installed for me (a Christmas present from 2 years ago we had not used yet)... it's so nice to see Garbo so relaxed travelling - never knew he was quite that relaxed! Hopefully his calmness will rub off on Maraschino.

He was a little more worried and pooed everywhere, managing to flick it with his tail bits of poop ended up on; Garbo's ear, the roof of the float, the wall in front of him and the tack box.

Maraschino soon calmed down once we got there even though there were so many floats and horses and all kinds of people there. With the help of my friends Jane and Michelle the boys and I were ready in time and all calm.

Garbo made friends quickly, as usual, a little girl in pink came up to me and asked if she could pat my horse. I said which one? She said the pretty one and pointed at Garbo.

Unfortunately the two rings they were entered in were not next to each other and seperated by trees and yards, and about 50m I guess. So the calling to each other started quite soon on. In hindsight it would have been better to get Garbo to just stand on the edge of the Paint ring for Maraschino - but hindsight is not called that for nothing is it.

Maraschino and I got through three classes - they were huge - I have never seen so many paints all in one spot. He was so good I decided the best thing (since it was his first ever outing) was to leave it at that and head home (after a relax back at the float).

I gave them some food and they were very happy eating grass.

All in all a great day - even if we didn't stay for the whole thing. I didn't want to agitate Maraschino too much by separating him and Garbo with so much else going on.

They travelled well again on the way home and off they got into a new paddock of grass.


Kaylee said...

What did you place in your classes?

Vicki said...

Hi Kaylee
We didn't get anything in the three classes we were in - best presented - well I'm not a mad groomer at the best of times LOL, he didn't place in best Tobiano or best mane and tail because he had pooped in his tail :-(

Twinnie said...

We had such fun though and it served it's purpose - they were calm and happy most of the time...