Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New float

Well my new float arrived yesterday - well I towed it home (just over an hour)... and today Garbo went in it on about the third ask, after having a good sniff and some carrots. And then I took maraschino to see it... he got 2 feet on the ramp and we just waited there for a bit.... had some carrots and then left it there.

I have a lesson away from home with them both next Tuesday so I am really trying hard not to put pressure on Maraschino to load by then.

Then a few days later we are all going o a show... (inhand).

Practising every day - car permanently hooked up to float for now...

I'll take some photos tomorrow.

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KingDuncan said...


Hi, it's Esther (KingDuncan)
Looking forward to your photos and Maraschino looks bootiful!!