Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ride, Lead, Play

Mum was staying this week and before she left I decided to ride Garbo again. I stuck the bareback pad an Cherokee bridle on Maraschino and took him in there too.

The round pen is nice and smooth (ish) now.

Garbo was nappy again and wanting to be by the round pen gate all the time or going over to Mum who was sitting on the tire outside the pen all the time (to say hi).

At first when we led Maraschino online - and I asked for trot Garbo did a buck and Maraschino got a fright and pulled back - the rope pulled out of my hands and catapulted over Maraschinos head!! He was not amused at all! He stood in the middle with the rope over his neck while I kept on with Garbo and let him think about it all.

I managed to get a few laps at trot from Garbo doing lots of transitions. Then after 10 minutes we picked up Maraschino again and did a couple more laps of follow the rail, before I got off.

Then I just left Garbo in the round pen while I had a go at leaning on Maraschino, he was so calm it was very tempting to get on after all my weight was on him - but I thought better and decided to wait till a Parelli friend was on hand.

So after a bit of that I let Maraschino loose and took Garbo's saddle off. I asked for a circle and he was doing the 'whatever' face so I tagged the area behind him and boy did he move - he was galloping! Round and round the pen (oh btw it was at liberty!!). He kept sneaking in still which must be really hard at gallop!! So I pushed him out and he bucked and snorted. I asked him in and then sent him the other way... same again - crazy fast!! This carried on for 10 minutes I suppose, till finally I got a nice canter. Then I stopped. He was very unsure at the end and was hiding his head in me. It will be interesting to see what he's like next time.

Photos to come... Mum took some!!

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