Sunday, November 21, 2010

and then there were two - on

Maraschino is such a brave boy - I had the personal access door open and we took him round to the back of the float and he just got on while Michelle and I were chatting! Then suddenly the catch failed on the personal access door and it slammed shut in the wind. He hurried off backwards - poor wee thing... well not so wee...

He and Garbo had a bath yesterday and I spent hours combing out the knots in the tails and manes and trimming them up for the show on Sunday.

Anyway - Michelle showed Maraschino how to porcupine over when in the float and we managed to get him on again calmly - and over! So after a few goes at that (he needed to know that we or things might touch him in all areas - and that he didn't need to jump)... we did the divider up with him in Garbo's spot.

Then I got Garbo and he went on just fine - the blimmen door slammed again and Garbo didn't care because there was an apple in sight.!

We tried to get Maraschino in the 2nd space and it didn't seem possible. So off they both came and we put Maraschino in spot one and I tried to convince Garbo to go in spot 2 - well I could get him in there backwards!! But the way he looked at me was like - there's just not enough room and ANYWAY this isn't MY spot.!! In the way a Left Brain does!

So handy hubby George came to the rescue and drilled out the next hole along for the dividers (it was too small) and we moved the divider between them, up one notch - meaning Garbo was snug but good.

Then we got Maraschino on too! And the dividers done up.... then suddenly Garbo leaned on the middle one and it came undone and pushed on Maraschino - who was locked in so couldn't go anywhere - he jumped... but stayed calm... phew... we got them both off relatively calmly and left at that for the day.

At least Maraschino fits!!

I have just sent an email to the Float manufacturer asking if they can come and collect, repair and get back to me by Saturday!! Fingers crossed. When Garbo leans on the divider the catch fails basically. Thank good news is we found out now and not on travels somewhere.

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Cilla said...

Good boys! Hope all goes well for the show on Sunday x