Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waiting for the Right Brain

I heard Linda talking about Horsenalities on the last Audio CD and as usual I was riveted. It was so interesting how she developed the concept and tested it out.

She was saying a lady gave her some feedback after getting her report on her RBI. She hadn't realised how much she needed to wait. She asked for send and waited, waited, waited... until finally the horse let out a big breath and moved.

So I decided to do a little experimenting with this with Maraschino. On asking him through the barrels I waited (but my send arm got sore after 5 minutes lol)... but I think generally he really appreciated the extra time before lifting the carrot stick.

I am making great progress with Maraschino - he's now trotting and cantering on the circle on the 22ft and yesterday we did our first successful change of direction at trot.

I've been float training him every day too...

Day 1. Sniff the float all over and find surprise carrots, put foot on ramp for carrot.
Day 2. Put two feet on ramp for carrot, rest on ramp. Then finish.
Day 3. Four feet on ramp and lead into float for carrots... with Garbo in there.
Day 4. Send in to float with me outside - to find carrots - goes half way in
Day 5. Lead into float to find bucket of grain at front (no Garbo).
Day 6. (today)... send into float from ramp to find bucket of grain (well not a whole bucket full but you get the picture)...

Plan for next 2 days...

moving hind quarters over, doing up dividers, doors closed, short drive. Yikes. Lesson with Jackie with both boys off the property on Tuesday. I have asked if it all turns to custard can we do the lesson here.

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