Saturday, November 20, 2010

The new float - dahdahdadaaaaaaahhh

So Garbo got on after a few asks... and a bit of a smell and some carrots..... the float wiggles around a bit more than the other one so he has some new things to get used to... or is that just me making excuses?

The 2nd day, I took Maraschino there too to see if I could tell if he was going to fit in spot #2, and after getting Maraschino in but not turned on an angle George took him round the side of the float and Garbo panicked - must have pushed against the divider, I must not have done it up completely - the divider opened and off Garbo came backwards at a huge rate of knots!

So I loaded him again and asked him off backwards slowly - he was still a bit 'up' so I backed him on to the 2nd spot - for some reason backing in to the float was always so difficult for him, but with some assertiveness from my part I find that if he succeeds he gains confidence.

So - at least I know Maraschino will fit!


Cilla said...

Garbo is looking very handsome x

Vicki said...

He looks deceivingly slim there lol. I blogged x 3 all in one day sorry so you may not have seen the others. Xx. Glad to see Breeze better. Are those mud boots Equilibrium brand? I looked at buying some ages ago. Will you use them all winter?

Parelli Central said...

Looks like a great, horse friendly trailer.

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central