Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maraschino and carrot stick

I had a little play with Maraschino in the weekend. It was a lovely day. We had just taken his cover off (still a bit wary of that scary blue thing until it's on and then he goes 'phew' - chew lick).

I really liked these two pictures.

I find he is quite introverted - displaying frustration by stamping his back foot. Quite cute really.

He loves chewing on the rubber of the carrot stick too.

We did a little head down, some porcupine and some friendly. Zone 3 was a bit scary for him with the carrot stick but didn't take long to relax.

1 comment:

cilla said...

very cute! he is even more handsome than last i saw pics of him. lol.
Lizzie prefers the leather end. funny how people at the yard freak when i let my horse lick or chew anything. i suppose they think the object is more important eh?
i am glad you are finding time to play...
cilla xxx