Thursday, May 29, 2008

2nd ride at home

With being so busy at work and at home trying to catch up - and also with winter encroaching and less daylight hours every day - I have only ridden Garbo once at home. So today was such a lovely day I could not let it go by without another ride.

I did some games on the ground first, some stick to me and driving from Zone 3, then circle and change of gait and change of direction - at trot. Did a little canter too so Scribble wouldn't get excited again this time when we trotted off. (Last time I think he thought we were trotting off into the sunset - without him - and he did a huge buck and jump which gave Garbo a fright.

Then I got on and George let us into the house paddock and Garbo didn't really see the point of going round the outside of the paddock so we played your idea my idea (tit for tat) for a bit until he just said - alright we'll go your way.

Had a little trot a few times too - and then I got off - Scribble happily munching away without a worry.

Wonder if my neighbour was having a nosey out the window at us riding in Wellies and rope halter and lead rope.

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