Saturday, July 23, 2011

Filming and auditions

So I spent alot of last night thinking about my filming results. Basically I came to the conclusion that the three 10 minute assessments on film - didn't show our relationship as well as it could be, each one had some good parts and some parts I was not happy with.

So - I came up with a plan. I am going to take the obstacles to live at Waimarie for a while. That way I can go and practise and as soon as a fine day happens along, I can just take Garbo there without having to take 4 barrels and a pedestal and ball etc too.

So - in the meantime - here is a mishmash of the three sessions...

I know we can do all of the stuff.... it's just getting Garbo in the frame of mind, not rushing, and making a plan on paper first I think.

What do you think?

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