Monday, August 25, 2008

Rope leg tangle

Maraschino got his leg over his lead rope again today while tied up. As soon as he feels thre pressure on his leg he backs up - which makes it worse, so he backs up more, until finally the baling twice breaks (that the rope is tied to).

So guess what we worked on today??? Lead by the leg. Initially he just went backwards with any pressure on the rope so I just led him round like Pat did on last months savvy club dvd, with the rope round his leg at the same time. Slowly I began putting a little more pressure on the leg rope at the same time. He was holding his breath a bit and did a big swallow afterwards, but he manged a couple times round the wash bay... then he had a rest, and licked, and then we did some on the other leg too.

I am going to do it every day for 7 days!

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