Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wash bay confinement

More rain last night so more playing in the wash bay!

Managed to jump up and down beside Maraschino today with my closest hand on his wither and I did it facing Zone 5 (standing in Zone 3) and facing Zone 1, on both his left and right sides - without his moving backwards which was great. I kept jumping until I saw any sign of no introversion - ear flick, or inside the mouth lick!

I was really pleased.

Managed to get the feather duster on Garbo's legs without him going backwards too.

Did some more work with the umbrella, Maraschino came and checked it out while it was open and the pokey thing on the end poked him in the nose and he jumped. Funny.

Oh - after doing lead by the leg with Garbo the other day - looked up today and saw Garbo had his leg in the air over the top of his lead rope... just waiting calmly for me to come and untangle him.

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