Saturday, August 23, 2008

3rd post for today!

I heard Maraschino jumping around in his yard about 3pm after putting them in there about 2pm when the rain started (after an hour of long grass). I think Maraschino had decided he wasn't finished eating grass!

After talking on Google Talk with Cilla last night I had a think about what I needed to do in my session with him to calm him down and yet not make him introverted. Isn't it great how you can talk to a Parelli friend and they have fresh eyes and ideas... and in turn it makes you lick and chew. Thanks Cilla.

So - we started with back in and out of yard initially rather than just leading him out - we did this about 4 times and then one step forward, one step back. I can do all of that at Phase one, Phase two if he gets stuck.... complete opposite to how Garbo was initially.

Oh - we had a break in the rain too!

Once in the wash bay (Garbo stayed in his yard and took notes) I did friendly without the carrot stick as Cilla suggested. He looks at me very suspiciously sometimes so I worked on any areas he didn't like me touching, lightening my pressure (touch) on his uncertain areas (near his hooves)... he started licking and chewing which was great. We spent ages just playing friendly and he seemed to really appreciate it, he gave me lots of cuddles - he is such a smoochy horse.

Then I tried friendly with the 12 ft line, just popping it over his neck and pulling it back over and back again... after a bit more of that he started yawning! About 6 yawns. He is so funny when he yawns he sticks his tongue way out - it's hilarious.

Then we did some polite gentle sends and he did a whole circle at walk!!

Then I asked for move your FQ and HQ porcupine at phase one and focussed over the top of him (even though I can't quite see over his withers!!).. and he moved a whole circle both ways - yay.

Then we stopped and waited. More yawning - about 10 more, and then head down and he licked my hands for so long Garbo thought he was missing out on some treats (ears back).... he seems to do that for comfort (Maraschino not Garbo).

And - it's been all quiet in the yards since.

Thanks for making me think Cilla!!

Then I did a bit of circle with Garbo since I have figured out how to do it in the wash bay with a pole in the middle! And some yo-yo and that was all for him.... sorry Garbo.

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