Thursday, August 28, 2008

After a lovely day of new grass on what was like a summers day today, I went into the middle paddock to get the boys about 4pm.

I haltered Garbo and thought Maraschino would just follow - and he did, adding in a bit of a spring buck and canter on the way up the hill... Garbo tried running forward on the 12ft line (with me on the other end ) and then realised I was attached/he was attached, and he turned and faced me. I bumped the rope and he calmed down straight away. Maraschino was intent on having a run and I just let Garbo have a long rope and reminded him politely to stay beside me no matter what. He did - he is such a good boy. It will be great when it's even drier and they can have a good run around. Mind you by the look of some of the paddock they have been doing a bit of Spring Fever action.

I tied Garbo up in the wash bay and Maraschino went into his yard (very cute) and so I gave him his apple and shut the gate.

Then I took their covers off and groomed Garbo - they both fell asleep in the sun. Garbo was in a very good mood, amazing what a bit of grass can do!! We even had some cuddles.

I then spent a bit of time in Maraschinos yard and he held his head low and gave me a cuddle too. So nice having content horses.

They didn't eat all their dinner and have been very quiet (usually indicating snoozing) in the yards all night.

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