Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ears back

Since we haven't been out much, and normally when I bring Garbo in for a groom and play etc, the little guy is there too (Garbo not impressed about that)... and he has been mugging me for treats and sticking his ears back (at me and at Cherry Boy) if I don't give him any (I don't if his ears are back).

Maraschino also has been eating Garbo's tail!!!!!! Eeek! Looks like someone has attacked him with scissors! So when ties up Maraschino likes to lean on Garbo's back end and snuggle in which aggravates the hell out of Garbo - so it's my job to move Maraschino away. I had to drive him back several times and then make contact with his nose when he ignored me - which sent him back at a great rate of knots. After that he was a little reluctant to come to close to me.. Gosh he gets so offended.

I did some squeeze game in the wash bay with Garbo and popped him on the bum when he looked out over the farm instead of turn and face.... that woke him up! It was too windy to use the carrot stick and plastic bag today. More rain coming.... one day I will be posting saying we need rain! Not anytime soon though.

Just an extra photo from the one day of sun in the last week!

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