Sunday, August 3, 2008

My side of the deal

I think I have let Garbo down this last few weeks.

It's been muddy, raining and windy - so I have only had a few fine spells and a concrete wash bay to do some brief sessions with Garbo and Maraschino. Of course Maraschino is just starting Level 1 so most things we can easily do in that space. But poor old Garbo - all we have been able to do is yo-yo, driving, friendly and a little bit of squeeze. Not really very exciting and I found myself basically doing these to adjust his attitude as he's been a bit pushy and impatient while tied in the wash bay.

So then I end up feeling like all I have been doing is telling him off.

He hasn't been to the forest for 12 months, I would like to take him soon inhand but I need to teach Maraschino to be ok alone first. He hasn't been off this property since the day he arrived actually (April 18)!

This afternoon after having a day in some sunshine finally and some grass, he was bucking and showing off for the neighbour's mare, and then when I brought him in he was calling out to her. I took this really personally and took it as he prefers to be with her over me.

So I texted my friend and asked if she could play with Maraschino tomorrow for 30 minutes and Garbo and I are going for a walk down our road. I need to be more interesting again. It's so hard with all this rain and mud!

Once the ground dries up (it would take two weeks of sunshine non stop) I will be able to do more with him again at home including parking the float in the paddock and working on loading (without me leading him in).

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Jen said...

I think that is a fantastic idea and I love how you come to all these conclusions. Not only did you think about it and feel something, you took action, so I can't wait to hear how Garbo comes around and finds his 'mum'.