Saturday, August 23, 2008

Worried turns to phew

I took this video today as well. It shows Maraschino a bit tense (how he looks) while I was filming and friendlying as well...and then he relaxes (breathes)..!!

Notice also in the photos above how much better he is standing. Jools trimmed his hooves and they were all uneven and he was wearing them oddly - and couldn't stand under himself on a he can and he is standing better.


Jen said...

Forgot to tell you that I can't see these videos but 2 seconds at a time...maybe sometime you would have time to use youtube??? That's so selfish of me to ask but I know you are showing us some great stuff and I can't figure why I can't get it to play right. :( Anyway, I love reading your posts...3 per day or 3 per month, it's always worth checking in!

Vicki said...

Sure Jen - I'll try and remember tonight to put them on You Tube
Always wary of Youtube with so many Parelli haters but I shall maybe put them on Photo Bucket