Saturday, August 30, 2008

Figure 8

I don't have the patterns DVDs yet - but today I decided to try figure 8 with moth my boys - around buckets in the washbay.

Garbo got it pretty quickly and hesitated slightly when going past me from my right to my left, and Maraschino had trouble going from my left to my right at the same place (closest spot to me in both instances).

I read on the latest Parelli email that the lady commenting on the Patterns DVDs had tried Figure of 8 with her LBI and he really enjoyed it - Garbo seemed to as well.

Looking forward to trying it with barrels in the paddocks. They are nearly dry enough.

This is Garbo playing Figure 8 with Maraschino!!

Yes, I left covers off and Garbo has a Mud Bath.


cilla said...

yay! i love to see your boys having fun!
and mud is soooo good for the complexion, you know!

Jen said...

Those two are such a riot!!! You must never need to go see a movie or anything...they surely provide almost all the entertainment you can handle. lol!!!

Thanks for the email with vids so I can see!!! Soo funny!!