Friday, August 8, 2008

Apple sauce wormer

Today we did two things...

Lead by the leg and worming practice.

Firstly the apple sauce worming.... as soon as Garbo sees a syringe he shakes his head up and down... so I had to get it close enough for him to accidentally get some apple sauce on his nose.
I managed to get 1.5 syringes into his mouth in the end - still with a little shaking...and Maraschino had half a syringe - he just bites the whole thing!

Then we tried lead by the leg. While I had the rope round his leg holding it out to the side, Garbo would look away or straight ahead, and I waited, then he finally shifted his weight and took a step. The front right leg was fairly easy but it took a little longer with the left front..but he took three steps with both legs to the side. So I was really pleased with that.

I have not been doing big 'sessions' with Maraschino - mainly just tying him up at the same time as Garbo morning and night while I;

Morning; change covers and spray legs with vinegar and baby oil
Evening; change covers, wash off mud off legs, grooming, putting on mud fever cream, and any Parelli tasks.

So while I am doing that I do body blocks, move him away from Garbo (he loves crowding him and Garbo hates it), and a little bit of yo yo . I have also spent alot of time grooming him and massaging his tail because he has a very tight tail (clamped and J).. and that seems to be working well. He hasn't gone introverted for a week now. And he has not pulled back on the rope while tied up either.

All good.

Still getting showers on and off - looking forward to Sunday - sunshine all day apparently.


Jen said...

Love the applesauce wormer. :) Where do you get such big syringes?

Vicki said...

Hi Jen
Where I used to graze they used gloucosomine in those (and threw away the needles) into the muscles. Dressage!