Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday - Sun Day

Well the name given to the day of the week today was apt. It was sunny all day and such a nice change.

I had some more great sessions today with both horses.

They both had some apply sauce.... with Garbo initially shaking his head but when he saw Maraschino coming towards me as soon as he saw the syringe and grabbing it, so Garbo thought hmmmm.. and sniffed it and allowed me to put it in his mouth and empty the syringe. Then I gave one to Maraschino as a treat!

While Maraschino was tied up to the hitching ring, I was doing something with Garbo and before I realised he had managed to get his leg over the rope and in a loop, then he pulled back! Luckily it was a slow reaction but still too fast for me to help... he was a bit jumpy afterwards (the baling twine gave way before his leg thank goodness) but otherwise unscathed mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had to give him a big hug after that... and he just leaned on my shoulder - he is so smoochy.

Started with the umbrella because I looked at the new Levels Self Assessment sheet on the Savvy Club site and it said L2 I should be able to open and close an umbrella next to Garbo. Initially he wasn't keen to follow me with it but in the end he was checking it out and I could open and close it with a reaction - just need some more 'relaxation' practice this week with that. Maraschino checked it out as well and when I had it open on the ground he picked it up by the handle and frightened himself a bit!

Then I got the carrot stick out and put a plastic bag (flag) on the end. Like in the Level 2 booklet I started shaking it gently next to Garbo - he was not very impressed so I did what the book said and walked backwards with it - Garbo hesitated and then came forward, so I stopped shaking the stick. We did this a few times until he sniffed it.

Meanwhile Maraschino was following us trying to see what was going on. I am thinking maybe he is more LB more often, than RB. !!

After a short time of releasing when Garbo relaxed or came towards or looked at the bag, I was able to touch him on the side (see the video) with it. It was hilarious at the end of the video after I put the stick down to turn the video off - Maraschino picked up the stick and drove Garbo backwards with it!

So funny. You can hear me giggling!

Then it was using 'release' to do some serious stuff like spray vinegar/baby oil on Maraschino's legs and put cream on his mud fever.

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