Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday sun day

Well kind of anyway. The sun was out for about 70% of the day interspersed with heavy and light showers.

My friend's friend's Dad passed away today so she couldn't come and help with Maraschino as she needed to help her friend out with her horses.

So we were all groomed and ready for our walk when I got the text and I thought - well I don't want to stick them back in the mud again... so I had to make do.

Garbo seemed happier to be groomed today and I also groomed Maraschino in between times. Maraschino was really good - I haven't tied him for very long so I just put the rope over the rail and he usually just stays there.

I stuck some molasses in a syringe to practice paste worming ( I have never managed to worm Garbo orally and always taken the easy route and put it in his food).. as soon as he saw the syringe he started shaking his head so I can't get it near his mouth. I let him sniff it but he wasn't fooled. I managed to get him to lick the syringe but only briefly got the end of it far enough in to do much with - but it was a great start.

We did some extreme Friendly with the carrot stick over his head and hitting the ground, and then did friendly with carrot stick and savvy string so Maraschino could see.

Then I got the feather duster out!

Garbo hates the feather duster.!!

For some reason he hated it on his legs so I had to start on his neck and slowly try and move towards his legs. Then he would spend ages sniffing it. We made a little progress and it gave him something to think about anyway! So perhaps today I was a little more interesting even if we didn't get to go for our walk.

I tried the syringe with Maraschino and he tried to stick the whole thing in his mouth! Didn't worry him at all. He wasn't phased with the feather duster either.

I played friendly with carrot stick and savvy string and Maraschino went a little introverted, I slowed down, then when he tried to move his head away from me while the string was going over it, I pulled his head back gently and he went a little right brain, tried to run forward to Garbo, so I bumped the rope and he panicked more, so I had to do it again to stop him running to me for reassurance as well. Then he stopped and licked and chewed. I told him that it's fine to react but it's not ok to run into me.

When I was rubbing the feather duster on Garbo Maraschino came up to him and started licking him. Garbo gave me that look like 'get him off me'. It was very cute.

Then I did some friendly with the 12ft rope on Maraschino.... he is getting better, sloooowly.

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Jen said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's dad...but sounds like you made the best of it. I love that M was licking G!! How funny. Wonder if the molasses ball ever ended up on Garbo in that spot? We'd have to call it the 'sweet spot'. :)