Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another rainy day in

It started raining about 5am and didn't stop raining steadily until about 10am I guess. I left the boys in after that because it was still cloudy and the grass back to it's sodden state.

I spent a good couple of hours with both of them in the wash bay doing various Parelli things.

Garbo had some apple sauce wormer, while Maraschino was looking longingly at the syringe saying where's mine? This made Garbo more interested in the syringe as if he was saying 'hey maybe this guy knows something I don't'. As Pat says - make sure at least 6 out of 7 worms are pleasant tasting. It's the negative association with the taste they don't like. Garbo wasn't shaking his head as much today and I got a whole syringe in nearly - and Maraschino had the left overs.

I also did some extreme friendly with the carrot stick and savvy string - Maraschino was just loose in the wash bay getting used to the 12ft rope hanging over his withers. I accidentally hit Maraschino with the end of the popper during 'helicoptor' with Garbo - but he is so keen on getting in on the action this week. Then I slapped the ground around Garbo with the savvy string and Maraschino was really good too! Cool!

I have to move him away from Garbo alot as he wants to hug him constantly. So I worked a bit on Maraschino alone while Garbo had a break with some hay. I did lots of friendly with tossing the carrot stick and savvy string over his neck and body, and some back up - especially when he thought he saw something scary and Garbo wasn't around to hug - he tried to hug me so I only had to use Phase 2 to get his to back away and then he licked and chewed. His confidence seems to be improving by the day. Even his haltering and un-haltering is getting better.

I groomed them both, and the ate hay together quite nicely which was nice to see. I decided now would be a good time to move Maraschino to the middle yard so he is next to Garbo, now that they know each other a little better and there is no #3 anymore (well Maraschino has moved up a slot by default).

Managed to get the feather duster on all of Garbo's legs all the way to the ground without him moving backwards - big step!

Started to try holding his tongue but it's a slippery devil. When I came inside I found that section in the booklet so I will try again tomorrow.

Going to try the plastic bag then too (on end of carrot stick) as I have read up in the Level 2 booklet on what to do.

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