Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1am Parelli session

I woke up at 1am to noises from the yards (we sleep in the barn at the moment while our new house is being built, and the yards are backed up against the lounge wall). I heard snorting and blowing and noises like running from one end of the yard to the other. I sleep naked so threw my jacket (which hangs on the door to the washbay) on and went outside in the freezing cold with no pants and barefeet to see what was going on (as it seemed urgent)!! Yes, don't imagine it!

Garbo came over to me and snorted, then ran back towards the end of the yard - quite fast...quite panicky, and then would look to the north east of the property. I came back in thinking it wasn't life and death but it didn't stop so put some track pants on and my gumboots this time and went into Garbo's yard (Maraschino seemed to be just following what Garbo was doing but didn't seem upset). Garbo wouldn't stand still and raised a leg at me and at Maraschino if either of us went near him.

So I got his halter and pinned my ears back to get him to allow me to halter him. Once I did he was trying to run around still so i immediately yo-yoed him back...he argued and tried to rear and rush at me, but I stuck my ground. Finally he backed up to the wall end of the yard and licked and chewed. I yo-yoed him back and forth about 5 times, and then did some head down, and then went back inside as he was calm and had forgotten what it was he was doing before I arrived!

Boy - Hope I get a better sleep tonight!


cilla said...

good grief! what savvy you have!?
i hope the rest of your night was quiet and restful and you slept well.
you will never know what upset Garbo but how cool that you could calm him down.

Jen said...

Oh, poor guy!! I wonder if there was a dog or something out there...but of course what could you do about it, right? Sound like he was really fearing for his life!! Glad you got it sorted...he could take your lead and be calm...good job!

Too funny imagining the wardrobe, etc...you must have been very cold! And poor George once you went back to bed, lol!!


Vicki said...

Yes I guess he must have been really scared of something. I was thinking it may have been a deer as we are right next to the forest (virtually)... and they just jump the fences from property to property!

It's the first time I have really calmed him down from quite a RB session... so all good.