Saturday, August 23, 2008

40 hours of no rain

Yep - we made it to 40 hours of no rain and I actually saw things drying out - so there is hope! I was watching the rain radar and left the boys out till it looked like it wasn't far away, then I took them up by the boundary fence for some long grass. They were both on a 12 ft line (each) and they were really good - even when the neighbour's dog came over to the fence (I glared at it) and their little pony..Garbo said hello very politely... it was quite cute because there is quite a difference in size - I was expecting a squeal from the little guy.

So that was all we did today.

When Maraschino saw the goats he would touch my hand, very cute, but other than that he was supremely calm. He came up to me when I went to bring him in from the paddock too.

The rain is here now and will be here till Wed - BLAH

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