Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lead by the leg LBI style

This is Garbo doing (or not) lead by the leg. He just can not see the point. He has a huge amount of opposition reflex as you can see. And as you can also see by his back feet he is not making any effort what so ever to move, or to rebalance. I just crack up laughing after a while.

Ok I'll move it one inch!

But that's it! This really is a boring game Mum. Why are we doing it?

Let me show you how it's done Garbo. It's a bit scary but I am getting used to it now. My leg doesn't shake as much.

This is Maraschino standing on top of the clay pile aka the new Parelli play hill.

I tried backing Garbo up and down (yo-yo) it yesterday but he went pretty crooked.... kind of turned the yo yo into sideways! Heehee.

This is Maraschino trying to eat one of the most prickliest ferns on earth!!!



Pony Girl said...

The clay play area looks great! I wish I had a safe hilly area w/some logs to work my horse over. The Parelli's place in Colorado looks amazing, so many great obstacles!

Vicki said...

I just got a tractor tire today!! lol