Monday, September 29, 2008

Circle over a pole

I watched the Jumping with Confidence DVD over the weekend and how they were getting that beautiful Fresian to jump the jump on the circle until it was smooth.

So I decided I would try circle with a pole today before we progressed to a jump. Well ever since I taught Garbo to stop at a pole on a circle (and gave him a treat) he now will not go over a pole if he is doing circle game. He stops and straddles it and starts going sideways, or as this picture shows, eats the bamboo stake on the tree next to the pole!

I am not sure what to do - ok I didn't ask him to stop (no rope wiggling), but he obviously is asking me a question when he does it - he stops and if I ask him to continue he paws.

So - up my phases to ask him to go (tried that today and got a bit offended), or.... hmmmmm not sure what that 'or' might be.

On a better note - asked him to back back through the gate I had just led him through today, same width as his stall gate, and he did it - albeit at 100 miles an hour..... but he did so I let him have a bite of grass.

I then tried to get Garbo to drive from Zone 3 on the end of the 22ft line. He tends to play that game as if I have a 12 ft line and no more. So I had to really be strict about him moving further away from me and walking beside me. We made a little progress - got to about 18ft I guess and for about 10 m along a fence.

I was going to play with Maraschino but just after that it started to rain.

Tomorrow is another day.

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