Monday, September 15, 2008

First trip out from new home

The boys went on an outing today to Royal Oak. It's a great place for a youngster because it has a large square pen right next to the arena so I can pop Maraschino in there loose with hay and water while I ride/work with Garbo and they can still see each other.

It's the first time either of them have been off our property since they arrived here.

I wasn't even nervous, maybe a little bit about loading Maraschino, but not about loading or riding Garbo. Since our marathon trailer loading day he has been an angel. I had not ridden him since early July.

Anyway - Garbo loaded straight on, and began munching on hay. Maraschino heard Garbo eating his carrot (I always give him a carrot when he loads nicely), and pricked up his ears looking into the float. I led him on and he backed out a little (after taking quite a few steps in), and he stood at the bottom of the ramp and chewed on the ridges on the ramp, and then pawed. Need I say more? We waited.

Garbo turned his head round as if to say 'c'mon we are going where the sheep are'...

My friend tapped him lightly on the hind end while I stood at Zone 2 and patted him. It only took a little bit more of this and he was in. We closed the divider and he only just fitted!! He didn't kick out, rush back, rear or panic - I was so impressed.

We arrived (the drive took about 15 minutes I guess), and opened the back door and ramp and undid his divider (I have an angle load), and he backed out quietly.

Next came Garbo - well for what ever reason - as soon as I undid his divider, he straightened up and rushed out backwards - he was covered in sweat. Two possibilities - he was hot -I had the windows open but not the top vent - and it was a really hot day today (17). Or he got a fright about something, or wondered where I was taking him - who knows. He was fine on the way home. Maybe he was just out of practice.

So I put Maraschino in the square pen and Garbo was a bit jumpy so we started straight away in the arena doing 7 games. He had quite a bit of energy and offered trot and canter transitions, we did travelling circle, sideways round and L shape pole (well two poles). It was great fun and I think Garbo thought so too.

Sorry - I have no photos.

Then I tied Garbo up next to his hay and got Maraschino out. Had to play catching game for about a minute to catch him, but after that he was fine. We played put your nose on that for quite a bit after reading about other RBI's liking this game. He seemed to really like it. We did a bit of circle, yo yo, and head down. He was quite tired by now.

Then I put a bareback pad on Garbo and had a lovely ride. Garbo was relaxed and happy and even happy to go round the arena and over poles. He seemed to be enjoying seeing all the horses there. Catching up with the gossip maybe.

My friend then got on him and I handed Maraschino's 12ft line to her - she was going to see how they both were with ponying. They were great. Maraschino had a couple of spooks but Garbo remained calm and at one point just told Maraschino to get off his hind end (he didn't think he was allowed up to Zone 3 so would keep following Garbo's tail instead).... with a little kick... but apart from that they were both great.

The float loading on the way home was just as good and Garbo didn't sweat on the way back either. Maraschino turned and came out forwards calmly which was great, then they both went off to graze. A great day out. I got sunburnt!


cilla said...

hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!
i rushed through reading your wonderful post, couldnt wait to read about your fab day. i even woke this morning wondering how your day had gone.
shame about the sunburn!
love cilla xxx

Vicki said...

Thanks Cilla. It's been a long time coming but it was so worth it.
Gives me the confidence to do it again now!