Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In my old yard I would try and back Garbo through a yard doorway... and he would stop when his bum hit the doorway (sometimes literally), and turn sideways so that I couldn't yo yo him through the doorway.

I had not tried it in our own yards here at home yet. So today we did. He still got stuck as soon as Zone 4 was in the doorway.... I could get him to start inside the yard and come out one step, back one, out two, back two, and nice and slow - but as soon as he had Zone 4 out as quick as you could say LBI he had his back end sideways along the yard!

If I try and move his HQ back to line him up he zips round the other way!

So we need some more work on that.

Mainly just being playing Friendly with Maraschino - I groomed him today while he was loose, just hanging round. Got to comb his tail and everything before he got bored.

Garbo was in a cuddly mood which was nice (unless I brushed his torso).

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