Friday, October 3, 2008


Well today after grooming both horses I let Maraschino back into the track (which confused him as he went to his yard to see where his dinner was) and took Garbo to the house paddock to play a bit. This way Maraschino could follow us along side on the other side of the fence.

We did some travelling circle game and only went near the pole, not over it (except for some stick to me)... it was quite funny - if we did get near it he would look at it out the side of his eye and ask a question like "you sure you don't want me to go sideways over that?".. I said no thank you but thanks for asking (with a giggle).

I think I know where my holes are - driving from Zone 3 further away than 12ft. Having an effective phase 4 from 22ft away.

It's quite hard working in that house paddock - it was my winter sacrifice paddock and it got really wet for some reason and now it's very pogged.... so I don't want him to hurt himself.

We are planning a trip to the forest (both boys) for an in-hand walk and play in there, on Monday. So I have told both boys about it. Maraschino of course has not been there before. Lets hope it doesn't ran - showers are forecast.

I did alot of move your HQ over with maraschino in preparation for the float again - as I have an angle load. He yawned alot. We also worked on head down with pressure from above - he does it easily by pressure on the line, - we got his head to about wither height - a good start.


cilla said...

a trip to the forest!!!!???
its been such a long time since you have done that it seems.
i am so pleased for you!
how exciting! cant wait for the post all about it!

Vicki said...

It's been about a year. I had started Parelli, still used my bridle but knew enough by then to actually scare myself I think! It was the day we saw the dead deer which didn't help - it will be good to go again, even just online.

Michelle is coming too (if it doesn't rain - rain is forecast) and she's going to lead Maraschino.