Sunday, October 5, 2008


Can you believe it's October already?? Crikey!!

Didn't do alot of Parelli today - I had a friend (non horsey friend) come over for a visit and we showed her yo yo and back up from the tail and then some desensitising work with the feather duster lol.

Who would have thought Garbo

would still be quite unsure about a feather duster.

You know he hates my gloves too - as they have possum fur knitted into the wool. He smells them and snorts.

I watched the Loud Noises section of the September Savvy Club DVD which I finally got, and I was a bit disappointed in that section - Pat said the horse was RB but he hardly reacted to anything - including the whip and airhorn! Garbo would have been more RB than that!

This is a piccy of the boys having a snooze yesterday morning - Garbo snatched the odd snack while he was there too. I caught him on video!

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Jen said...

The boys are so beautiful out in the sun!! Look at them.... and you'll get to have such a nice long summer with them. I'm so glad.

Have you gotten to do much liberty work with Garbo?? I wonder if he would like that. Have fun in the forest and tell us all about it!