Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day two patterns

I had to spray some of the buttercup in the track today and everytime I went out Garbo would look at me as if to say - are we going to do something? Mind you he thought I was some weird spacewoman with the sprayer on my back - plus it made a strange noise.

So we started with Touch It - Garbo loves this game and I added a bit of distance and moved my feet less today - and he was touching everything!

I am going to get the tarp out tomorrow as it was still a bit windy today.I really think this is one game Garbo could do all day. I took him into the middle paddock and we touched the tire.

Then we worked on some 'do what I do' ie walk, back, trot, stop, back, walk, trot, stop etc. He also really likes that game. I tried to concentrate on moving him away from me a little.

Then we did some figure 8's and he still pawed at the left hand barrel a bit. George thinks he can see the carrot stick and he can't really see it the other way - I think that's kind of right but it's me that is blocking him. Tomorrow I will try with a 22ft line.

Then I took the halter off to try some Liberty - first time really since we moved here (apart from going to and from the paddock to the yard)... we touched the barrels and then walked along the track towards where Maraschino was eating. We did some stop, trot, stop, back up and he was really listening. Then he chased Maraschino away and came straight back to me. So sweet.

Then - we went into the middle paddock with the tire... and trotted some more. He stuck with me the whole time and did not miss a beat. We got to the tire and I stood on it and stroked him a bit on the neck. Then I got him to move round the tire while I walked round it (my tire is so cool!).

On the way back we did some sideways without a fence - which we have never achieved at Liberty - I was so pleased, we trotted back to the yard and I went to get him an apple and tell George!

By then it was pretty late so I didn't get to play with Maraschino - I fed them both. Tomorrow is another day!

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