Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lovely afternoon in the sun

That's what we had today! Finally the showers stopped and the cloud cleared a bit.

I got Garbo out after setting up this little obstacle course, and on the way past it from the paddock he started touching everything, and then headed straight for the tarp! So we postponed grooming for a bit and played the Touch It Game.

We briefly touched on figure 8 and even got a canter round one barrel on 22ft line... and then I decided to try out my new bareback pad, even though I only had a girth and not a cinch I made it work!

Doesn't he look handsome. He wasn't too sure about the cinch but I think he liked it once it was done up.

We headed off on a passenger lesson really and to my surprise he headed off towards the tarp and round the track?! I gave him some rewards of eating grass. We even did some successful sideways which we have not done Freestyle for a long time. It was such a lovely day for a ride. The neighbours dogs were running around chasing the other neighbours ride on mower and he froze for a bit but I patted him and kept talking to him about the grass, and also I talked to Maraschino who was in the middle following us casually.

This is me trotting bareback - hmmmm - bit of a gap there on that left leg!

After the ride I decided to try the 'mount from a fence' by getting him to come over beside me close, by using the carrot stick on the other side of him. I need to watch the DVD again because it wasn't very successful. He doesn't like the carrot stick making contact.

Then it was Maraschino's turn and in touch it he went straight onto the tarp!! I could not believe it because the breeze was blowing it up and everything.

Then Maraschino shared George's Krispie biscuits.

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